Show 48: Former U.S. Senate candidate Andrew Ian Dodge

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Show: 48
Air date: Saturday, February 9
Guest 1: Derek Pierce
Guest 2: Andrew Ian Dodge
Host: Steve Woods (Stevoe)
Studio Contributor Debi Davis
Executive Producer: Mark Gould (Sharky)

While Winter Storm Nemo was raging outside, inside our TideSmart Talk with Stevoe studio we had Andrew Ian Dodge discuss his political career, working in a British think tank for former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and his successful battle with stage 3 colon cancer.  We also take a glimpse into what lays ahead in the future.

Former U.S. Senate Candidate Andrew Ian Dodge (right) in the studio with TideSmart Talk host Steve Woods (left).

Former U.S. Senate Candidate Andrew Ian Dodge (right) in the studio with TideSmart Talk host Steve Woods (left).

Andrew Ian Dodge grew up in Great Britain and Florida and spent his summers in Maine enjoying the natural beauty of the Allagash Region.  Dodge began his political career as a college Republican at Colby College, where he led the fight against political correctness, resurrected the debate team and encouraged the creation of public classes.  He also helped rebuild the state’s Young Republicans group.

After graduating with his degree in government from Colby College, he was hired by the Bruges Group in England, where he sought to keep debate on European issues center stage by commissioning and publishing independent research and by holding meetings and conferences to discuss relevant issues.  The think tank’s patron is former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.  He completed a postgraduate degree in UK/European politics from Hull University.

Dodge survived stage 3 colon cancer and is now 5 years cancer-free.  He got married in 2007, the same year that he overcame colon cancer after serious post-operation complications.  Prior to his recent U.S. Senate run for office, Dodge was an activist in Maine’s Tea Party movement, organizing the first tea party event in Maine.  In 2009, Dodge did an 8000 mile/26 day speaking tour/drive from Maine to Fresno (and back) to raise awareness for tea party issues & the plight of the farmers in Central Valley CA.


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