Show 68: President of Olympico Strategies Jess Knox

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Show: 68
Air date: Saturday, June 29
Guest: Jess Knox
Host: Steve Woods (Stevoe)
Studio Contributor Debi Davis
Executive Producer: Mark Gould (Sharky)
Assistant Producer: Shannon Maguire

Jess Knox grew up in York, Maine.  He attended Ohio Wesleyan University, where he earned his Bachelor’s in Government.  Knox then returned to Maine and attended the University Of Maine School Of Law and earned his Juris Doctorate in 2004.  Knox was the recipient of the University of Maine Law School Outstanding Public Service Award, and was the President of the University of Maine Student Bar Association.

Knox has been involved in many facets of Maine’s political infrastructure.  Stevoe and Knox discussed how in 7th grade Knox was inspired by his parents to be involved within the local community and he helped gather signatures for York Town Council.  He went on and served as the Special Assistant to the Maine Speaker of the House, and spearheaded the effort to create Maine’s Consumer and Commercial Court Docket, a specialty-court docket dedicated to resolving business-related litigation.

Jess Knox

TideSmart Talk with Stevoe host Steve Woods (left) is joined in the studio by President at Olympico Strateis Jess Knox (right).

In 2009, Knox served as a member of the Obama Administration where he was appointed to the Small Business Administration to serve as the Associate Administrator for Field Operations.  Knox explained to Stevoe that he believes Obama’s 2009 campaign was so successful due to the grassroots, neighbor-to-neighbor approach that was taken, and that you’re more often to believe what you hear from someone you trust than what you hear on t.v.

Knox founded Olympico Strategies in July of 2012. Olympico helps companies and organizations manage growth and change by taking a system-wide personal approach to growth, change and performance.

Knox lives in Portland with his wife and their son and enjoys craft brewing, soccer and traveling.  Knox also writes a blog for the Bangor Daily News called, “Disruptive Growth”.

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