Show 193: Executive Director of Preble Street Mark Swann & President of USM Dr. Glenn Cummings

In this “double guest episode,” Mark Swann of Preble Street joins us again to talk about homelessness in the veteran population, a new program with Maine Medical Center’s medical students and how you can help Preble Street and other non-profits in your community continue their work. Also, Dr. Glenn Cummings of the University of Southern Maine tells us the story about how he started as a teacher in Gorham and ended up as the President of the town’s university. Continue reading

Show 192: Former MA Governor Mike Dukakis

Following a quarrelsome election season, Former Massachusetts Governor and 1988 Democratic party presidential candidate Mike Dukakis joined us for a quick talk about the state of our union. Calling in from Boston, where he is currently teaching at Northeastern University, he and Stevoe discussed the media’s role in this year’s presidential election. Continue reading

Show 191: President of Maine Seacoast Mission Scott Planting

Scott Planting, a St. Louis native, has known his path in life has been to help those in need since early in his career. A Harvard grauduate, but not one to brag about it, Planting worked in Farmington for a short while in graduate school and immediately felt connected to the people of the small town. Coming from St. Louis and studying in Boston, he made his career helping small communities in Maine and joined us today to talk about his work at Maine Seacoast Mission and how Maine’s economics have led to the downfall of some of these communities. Continue reading

Show 189: Producer of TEDxDirigo Adam Burk

We recently welcomed back Adam Burk to the TideSmart Talk studio. In advance of this year’s TEDxDirigo, Burk spoke about how he and the other producers build the event and had a quick talk with Stevoe about new programs at the Treehouse Institute and his involvement with Portland Global Shapers. Continue reading

Show 187: President of Unity College Dr. Melik Peter Khoury

Dr. Melik Peter Khoury (pronounced like “Corey”) became Unity College’s 11th President earlier this year and recently joined us in-studio for an update about America’s Environmental College. Continue reading

Show 185: President of the Maine State Chamber of Commerce Dana Connors

TideSmart Talk recently welcomed back Dana Connors of the Maine State Chamber of Commerce. At this visit, Stevoe and Connors delved deeper into Connors professional history only to find that he’s held just three jobs since graduating from the University of Maine in 1965. He has been at the Maine State Chamber of Commerce for over twenty years now and it certainly seems like he’s still enjoying himself. Continue reading

Show 184: Superintendent of Portland Public Schools Xavier Botana

It’s back-to-school time in Southern Maine and Xavier Botana is ready to get started as Portland School’s Superintendent. Born in Cuba and growing up in Madrid, Spain and Chicago, education has always been a big part of Botana’s life. His grandmother taught him that “education is the only thing that no one can take away from you” and he’s been sharing that sentiment with school-age children since he started his career. Continue reading

Show 183: Pulitzer Prize winning author Ellen Goodman

Pulitzer Prize winning Ellen Goodman entered the journalism world at a time when there were no female journalists. She also had no intention of making writing her career. She had never written for the school newspapers, never took an English class, and didn’t know what she wanted to do when she graduated from Radcliffe/Harvard. She applied for a position as a researcher at Newsweek and worked the wire, because that was a woman’s job. She worked under writer Peter Benchley, a friend, and former classmate. From there she discovered that she enjoyed writing and moved on from Newsweek, taking a position with the Detroit Free Press. Continue reading

Show 181: CEO of Mexicali Blues Topher Mallory

Topher Mallory is “from away,” but worked his way up to Maine in his own time. A Massachusetts native, he competed his undergraduate degree at the University of New Hampshire, studying Business/Finance and Art. He had spent time in Maine’s mid-coast during the summers growing up and fell in love with it. During those summers he took up a job with Mexicali Blues and as the shop’s owner Pete Erskine says it, “[they] pulled Topher into its orbit slowly, but inevitably.” He is now the CEO of Mexicali Blues and recently started another, more personal endeavor: Split Rock Distilling. Continue reading

Show 179: Founder of The Anthony Bates Foundation Sharon Bates and Florence Ann Romano, the “Windy City Nanny”

Show Information Show: 179 Air Date: Saturday, 02 July 2016 Guests: Sharon Bates & Florence Ann Romano Host: Steve Woods (Stevoe) Studio Contributor: Debi Davis Executive Producer: Emily Sullivan (Sully) Sharon Bates is a woman with a mission. After her son, … Continue reading