Show 11: Yarmouth teacher and high school coach Mike Hagerty, President and CEO of Hurley Travel Experts, Inc. Pam Hurley-Moser

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Show: 11
Air date: Saturday, May 12, 2012
Guest 1: Mike Hagerty
Guest 2: Pam Hurley-Moser
Host: Steve Woods (Stevoe)
Studio Contributor Debi Davis
Executive Producer: Mark Gould (Sharky)

TideSmart Talk with Stevoe continued on Saturday, May 12 with discussion on high school athletics and travel.  In the first segment, Stevoe is joined for a Sports Life segment, talking soccer and high school athletics with Yarmouth boys soccer coach Mike Hagerty.  In the second segment, Pam Hurley-Moser, owner of Hurley Travel Experts, Inc. joins Stevoe to talk about trends in experiential and lifestyle travel.

Mike Hagerty

Mike Hagerty Yarmouth Maine soccer

Mike Hagerty talks about how he began a coaching career that has included 5 state titles for Yarmouth boys soccer.

During his time as head coach of Yarmouth boys soccer, Mike Hagerty has amassed a standout record, with 5 state championships and 173 career wins.  He was twice named Forecaster Coach of the Year and in 2011, he was the National Federation of High School Coaches Association Coach of the Year.

Hagerty has also been teaching seventh grade in Yarmouth for nearly 20 years, helping to shape the next generation of Mainers both on and off the field.

Hagerty is also actively involved with his community, serving as director of peewee soccer. He is a former YCS recreational league head coach, and soccer clinician for youth coaches.

In this segment, Hagerty talks about coaches that influenced his career, trends in high school sports, and why he thinks he has the best job in the world.

Pam Hurley-Moser

Pam Hurley-Moser Hurley Travel Experts, Inc.

Pam Hurley-Moser, owner of Hurley Travel Experts, Inc. talks about the experience of growing her business into what is now a $50 million organization, providing everything from corporate and vacation travel management to space tourism.

In the second segment, Stevoe is joined in studio by one of the foremost authorities on travel.  Pam Hurley-Moser founded Hurley Travel Experts, Inc. at age 26 and grew it into a leading provider of experiential and lifestyle travel in the marketplace and one of the largest “high touch” corporate travel management companies in the country.

As President and CEO at Hurley Travel Experts, Inc. Hurley-Moser has earned numerous honors including the Women of Distinction Award from the Girl Scouts of Maine in 2012, and a Best Places to Work in Maine in 2011 award.  Hurley-Moser is also one of just 110 people to have been chosen by Sir Richard Branson to become accreditated space agents.

In this segment, Hurley-Moser talks about luxury travel, what it’s like to go to space, and experiential travel.  Hurley-Moser and Stevoe also trade best and worst travel stories.

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