Show 108: President of Build-A-Biz Kate Krukowski Gooding

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Show: 108
Air date: Saturday, April 19
Guest: Kate Gooding
Host: Steve Woods (Stevoe)
Studio Contributor Debi Davis
Executive Producer: Shannon Maguire

President of Build-A-Biz Kate Krukowski Gooding was raised between Enfield, Connecticut and Jackman, Maine.  Gooding graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Business & Communications from Northeastern University.  She put herself through school by working and running restaurants.

Kate Krukowski Gooding

Steve Woods (left) host of TideSmart Talk with Stevoe welcomed President of Build-A-Biz Kate Krukowski Gooding (right).

In 2010, Gooding founded the non-profit organization Youth Entrepreneurship Adventures (YEA).  She founded her main program Build A Biz in 2012.  This provides online entrepreneur education for youth ages 5-18 and reaches youth statewide.  Gooding described for Stevoe that the participants in these programs learn the value of work, as well as the value of money, and that she feels it is important to bring Maine’s economy back through our youth.

She was inspired to start YEA after working for two companies and all the Maine manufacturers throughout the state. She worked closely with Governor King, the technical colleges and the entire manufacturing community in trying to address the need for an educated workforce. Gooding felt that providing opportunities for youth to realize their own power of making decisions within their business could build their confidence, empower them and provide valuable experiential learning. In the past four years more than 2500 youth registered to participate in their program.

Gooding lives with her husband, Don (who is the Executive Director of MCED and TST show alumni), in Falmouth.  She still manages time for kayaking, fishing, dancing, hiking, friends and family, travel and a great book.

Gooding has written 4 books in the Black Fly Stew Series: Wild Maine Recipes, Simple Gourmet Lamb with Side Dishes and Wine Pairings, 50 Ways to Eat a Beaver and Free Range Fish & Lobster along with two private labeled cookbooks. Her next book will carry a very local and international flair into your kitchen.

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